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By nickpas (registered) | Posted March 23, 2013 at 22:42:50

Although this article shocks me, I'm questioning its implications. Do we charge drivers who hit and kill a pedestrian with man slaughter? Jail time? I don't think punishment will solve anything. Accidents accident. Carelessness, yes. But still accidents. Increased level of punishment would likely have little impact.

This is precisely when the discussion of DESIGN should begin. You can design a street to slow traffic without having people even realize they're going slower. Main Street in Hamilton is designed for high speeds. James Street North is beginning to be design for slower speeds. We need to completely rethink our streets before we consider bandaid solutions of punishment.

RTH has been an advocate for this position, so I'm seeing this article more as an informative '' piece more valuable for its role in inciting discussion than suggesting jail time for drivers involved in pedestrian deaths.

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