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By jason (registered) | Posted April 03, 2013 at 13:36:25 in reply to Comment 87621

exactly. This is why we are entering a potentially exciting time in Hamilton. Queen, Cannon and Barton are all being examined and studied for upcoming repair work. This is the time to also carry out such street-scaping work. I'm hoping that enough local residents will be engaged in this process so that we don't get the status quo laid back down on all 3 streets like we just saw with West 5th near Mohawk College - lanes as wide as the 401 were more important than bike lanes or parking.

We can do some amazing things on Queen, Cannon and Barton and accomplish several goals at once - easier transportation flow around the city for all users, better quality of life for residents, safer for kids, better for business.

Imagine Mtn residents now being able to come to Copps or the West Harbour using Queen back and forth instead of having to cut through Durand or Kirkendall everytime they want to go somewhere.

And of course, other amenities such as protected, two-way cycle lanes would also be a consideration for Cannon St in place of parking on one side of the street. We have ample space for wonderful complete streets.

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