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By jason (registered) | Posted April 03, 2013 at 15:25:58

One other point to keep in mind regarding the need for complete street renovations is our massive urban flooding problems. When going around the city, look at all the spots where new street garden beds and trees can be located.
From corner curb bumpouts on Locke, Ottawa and Augusta to new complete street opportunities on Cannon, Barton, Main, King, Victoria, Wellington, Parkdale, Kenilworth etc...... This isn't just about 'complete streets' but green streets too.

More here:

Think of all the stormwater we can capture in new planter boxes instead of everything overloading our storm sewer system. This concept can literally be implemented across the entire city. And should.

Hamilton has been addicted to big box complexes the past decade, yet unlike more forward thinking cities, we continue to allow slabs of empty parking lot to be built instead of mandating good environmental design:

While in Portland last fall I was in a big box plaza near the airport and was amazed at all the mature trees, plant life, bike lanes and wide well-marked sidewalks all through the complex. It was nothing like the vast expanses of asphalt we allow here.

Think of all the residential streets in Hamilton that could incorporate these:

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