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By Leif (anonymous) | Posted April 04, 2013 at 15:29:38 in reply to Comment 87633

Annuals are a farcical landscaping element at a municipal level, and mainly serve to give summer student employees something to busy themselves with. Otherwise, an outdated civic aesthetic and one that only serves to compete with the natural beauty of the city's surroundings. Native plantings should be an uncontroversial standard.

I'm all for Carolinian trees but even with available rainwater, transplanted trees require prolonged periods of weekly or semi-weekly irrigation for the first three years after installation, perhaps more so during periods of exceptional stress (such as the 2012 drought).

Giving trees room to grow and not relegating them to tiny chokeholes is also helpful. It's possibly the only thing that the original York streetscapiing got right.

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