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By jason (registered) | Posted April 06, 2013 at 14:35:36

By gaining an extra 3-4 feet of new sidewalk width on the west side of Queen (I'm assuming that parking would be on the east side), we have room for a new row of extra trees, helping to create a 3-4 foot buffer between pedestrians and live traffic on the non-parking side of the street.

As an example, here are the new trees on Lansdowne in Toronto (I'm not sure why they put them on the opposite side of the sidewalk, instead of the street side)

And the same treatment was given to Roncesvalles:

Here is what Roncesvalles looked like before construction. Very Hamilton-esque: http://neighbourhoodwalks.files.wordpres...

Post-construction: http://neighbourhoodwalks.files.wordpres...

And just as a teaser for what could be, think Barton, Cannon, Wilson, Bay or King. Perhaps the perfect complete street:

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