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By robf (registered) | Posted April 17, 2013 at 19:58:47

Your post is a tad self-righteous. I'm not happy with Horwath's position either, but couching your argument in how virtuous you are for cycling to work hardly addresses why so many people need (rather than choose) to commute. We need pricing mechanisms that change the incentive structure and reduce automobile-based trips, but the gradual impact of such a repricing of mobility on urban structure and the location of employment is at least a generational project (especially since the build-out of new transit lines also takes time to effect locational decisions). It's only in the last half-decade or so that the post-1970 decentralization and dispersion of employment, especially office employment, across the GTA has slowed (and industrial functions are still decentralizing). We live in a polycentric urban region, and only a small minority, as yet, have enough control over where they live and work to achieve the kind of life you lead.

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