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By D. Shields (registered) | Posted April 22, 2013 at 05:44:44 in reply to Comment 87893

I agree. How many people in the GHA have the ability to decide where they are going to work? Not many. It's not like jobs are easy to find here, never mind jobs that you can cycle, walk, or take public transit to.

The only way to get more cars off the roads is to provide decent usable modes of transit. Bike lanes are important, but even more so is decent, viable public transit throughout the Entire GHA, not just the City core.

The more Hamilton expands, the more traffic is on those same highways, & main roads. I'd say, most of the rush hour traffic is from the suburbs heading onto the 403, 407, into the downtown, or heading to another area of the GHA. LRT is a good idea, but if most of the traffic is coming in from areas with poor transit, & even poorer connections to get people to & from work, problems will not be alleviated to any great degree. Maybe we ought to be looking at better public transit in the suburbs, as well as a Downtown LRT? If people could get to the Go Station, or even to Main or King Street bus service, there would be an across the board dramatic drop in vehicle traffic.

The suburbs essentially still have the same regional public transit that they had pre-amalgamation. Bus service consists of serving that area only, & tends to orbit around Malls, without regard to the fact people need to get to other parts of Hamilton, or to other cities to work. These are the people who constitute the greatest number of cars on our city streets & highways.

I know that this board is primarily interested in Downtown issues, but I'm reasonably sure that it is a fact that suburban traffic is the major problem & it is a downtown issue.

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