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By Mal (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2013 at 08:17:38

It's significant that one of the presenters of the Tactical Urbanism series was Ken Coit, in his extracurricular role as VP of local heritage figureheads ACO -- not in his career capacity as senior urban designer with the City of Hamilton, where he presumably holds a measure of power over issues related to urban design. (Maybe I'm reading too much into the title and the term is meant in the decorative sense.)

Ditto for the HBSA, whose member firms are not exactly unacquainted with public projects. That embeddedness strikes me as a potential liability where incursive innovation is concerned.

As I said in an earlier TU thread, part of me thinks this is really neat. The other half thinks that this is a symptom of change-averse city compelling architects and urbanists to play dress-up because efforts at substantial change are habitually vetoed by their employers.

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