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By highwater (registered) | Posted May 09, 2013 at 13:09:10 in reply to Comment 88504

Sometimes architects like to dress up and feel pretty. I don't think this means that they have become in any way incidental to the urban experiment. Quite the opposite, in fact.

One of the most powerful things that strikes me about Tactical Urbanism is the sense of play. Acting like grown-ups all the time doesn't seem to be getting us anywhere fast, so why not break out and play in the streets for a day or two? I think you're setting up a bit of a false dichotomy to suggest that you can't do this and still be part of the 'system'.

Architects are artists after all. It is wonderful that some of them are taking a leading role in the burgeoning Tactical Urbanism movement in this city, but as much as I think their expertise is an invaluable guide for the movement, I can also see how the playfulness, joy, and on-the-street engagement can and should in turn inform their work within the 'system'.

Doubtless they realize this, which is why they have chosen to be a hands-on part of the renewed love affair with cities that is giving rise to the Tactical Urbanist movement. They shouldn't have to risk being taken less seriously, or making themselves 'incidental' to the grown-up planning and design processes that they continue to be a part of.

Free the architects! Play in the streets! Go TU!

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