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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted May 09, 2013 at 14:07:07 in reply to Comment 88525

It's interfering with it's lawful use, which may entail not having Pylon's to obstruct wheelchairs and car traffic, both who probably don't find navigating pylons enjoyable, rather an annoyance.

Weather or not they are beneficial to the street is mute. It's not the way it's designed, it's not the way it's intented to operate, and it's not an individual citizen's right to arbitrarily decide how our streets are designed. It's duty of the city bureaucracy who are directed by our elected officials.

It would be the same thing if someone started digging up city sidewalks without a permit or started blacking out bike lanes, or installing their own 80kph signs along Main St.

Make no mistake, I'm not saying that these are serious life threatening dangers like the Public Works memo is stating, because they aren't. I also do agree, yes these changes are beneficial (although I know there was a previous post about the Delta I did disagree with). I'm also not saying "throw the book at these lawbreakers" if only because we can't even seem to do that for known, problem, graffiti painters.

What I'm saying is there are better, legal ways of going about this and while this is a minor, fairly harmless excersise and the attention to these issues/movement isn't entirely posistive, espcially in a a city as stubborn and polarized as Hamilton.

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