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By hshields (registered) - website | Posted May 09, 2013 at 14:15:21 in reply to Comment 88487

Well put Hammer.

Another dimmension to this whole fiasco is Hamilton Public Works is coming off some rather scandalous activity and there is a very fresh, public and highly embarrassing record of mismanagement, ineptitude and downright corruption still lingering in the public's mind and very much front and centre at the Municipal Garage.

This kind of "attack" will be viewed as such from an embattled Public Works department that has suffered some serious PR blows.

Bad timing to rub the Public Works Department's nose into their lack of proactive infrastructure.

That may explain the motives for the letter but come on, the tone is really unbecoming of a civil official. Although the logic is, reluctantly, sound (liability issues, civil order etc..) he could have really made an effort to be polite and explain that position. Directing issues to police as vandalism is just more taxpayer money being wasted.

I thought that was the very idea the Public Works Department wanted to avoid.

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