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By wide-eyed pedestran (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2013 at 16:30:31

Davis wants to throw around the word "liability?"
I quote from this article: "city traffic engineer eventually acknowledged that the crosswalk had been designed explicitly to be as non-useful to pedestrians as possible.'
Have any pedestrians been hit and seriously injured at this particular crosswalk? Has anyone been killed trying to cross this particular crosswalk?
If it was intentionally designed this way, that whomever took part in the design is seriously LIABLE and needs to be criminally charged as such. NOW.
This cannot be the only one how many other crosswalks have intentionally been designed to be as "non-useful to pedestrians as possible?"
How many pedestrians have been seriously injured or have been killed at other crosswalks intentionally designed to be as dangerous as heck for pedestrians?

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