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By ENBertussi (registered) - website | Posted May 09, 2013 at 18:10:55

It needs to be made abundantly clear that the public will and public desire is to only allow for subterranean parking accommodation.

Above ground parking structures are ancient asinine and afford no architectural contribution to the community and destroy walkability.

There are ridiculous parking garage pre-fab panel association cults that go around giving architectural awards to cities that build them citing good design. This is the case with the abomination in Burlington on Locust by the new performing arts centre. Instead of building several stories of underground parking the new performing arts centre does not even have a basement, it was nearly built like a building would be in the flat desert with just foundation walls for frost line compliance.

905 Might not be downtown 416, but it must be proactive in protecting land space from the abomination of surface parking and above ground parking structures...

It's high time we cease worshipping automotive culture furnishing policy dictum to city hall that requests them to instate a full on moratorium on not just surface parking but as well above ground parkades would be a logical step to take post haste.

Enough of this subsidisation of fossil fuel auto sprawl culture. People of Hamilton you must furnish your politicians with policy dictum so that they can with great ease put into effect laws that speak to human interest and not alone corporate interests. lobby them like the corporations that have stolen our farm land flooded our east end basements and destroyed the core with one way streets so you can quickly pass from one mall to another in your auto-mobile. Draw for your fellow citizen vivid images of what places like 20 Jackson would look like with another 20 stories above ground and 6-10 below ground to accommodate parking, the only way parking should be accommodated in the core of any would-be urban happy place for humans that need curb side interest and walkability....

vivid, rich, dreams, just like developers draw, just like the Tactical urban people have rendered...


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