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By ENBertussi (registered) - website | Posted May 09, 2013 at 18:22:43

These super duper awesome renderings are the key to syndicating visionary reformations of urban space for humans.

An army of architect types with the skills and tools needed to create these vivid techno-colour visions of total-awesome-sauce, must be assembled.

This is how you 'visioncast' ideals of an urban place making for all to see and all to embrace, refine, and share with their friends and family.

Just how developers use renderings to sell you a plot on that which was once farm land or a shoebox in the sky, renderings must be used and used again and again and again over and over to put into public view en masse the ideal visions of a walkable, human centred, urban places, that help our culture evolve, beyond that of our; hyper automotive, fossil fuel dependant, urban sprawl, debt slave captivity, mono culture prison.

this is a "PAINT IT AND THEY SHALL SEE" 'visioncasting' reality, then you can build it and they will come, instead of driving by at 70km/hr to go to another global-national-brand-filled mall of crap made in Bangladesh or China made with synthetic materials that are going to lower the life expectancy or quality of life for all animals that inhabit this planet.


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