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By reuben (registered) - website | Posted May 10, 2013 at 09:22:29

With tactical urbanism on my mind, I enjoyed the book titled 'The Visit' that my six-year-old daughter read to me this morning. A great lesson for anyone!

A mouse had a house in a stone wall.

Toad lived down the hill on the other side of the road under a rock.

Mouse and toad were good pals.

Mouse had a white phone. Toad had a red phone. 'Ring-a-ling,' rang Mouse's phone. 'Hello, hello,' she said.

'Hello, Mouse,' said Toad. 'I miss you. I want to go to your house for a visit.'

'Yes, yes,' said the mouse. 'I will make us a pot of tea.' She hung up the phone. She put the teapot on the stove. She set out the cups. She swept the little house.

Toad felt happy. He sang a little tune. 'Off to the mouse house I will hop. I am so happy I cannot stop.

But in between, on the busy road, were cars, trucks, bikes, motor bikes, and even a bus.

All the drivers were speeding past. 'Toot-toot. Hong-honk. Beep-beep.' 'Stop,' said Toad. 'Honk-honk,' went the cars.

Soon Toad began to feel bad. He saw the mouse house across the road. 'When will I ever see Mouse? When will I have a cup of tea?' he asked.

He put a tiny foot into the street. 'Beep-beep,' went the bikes. He jumped back.

Mouse looked out. She saw Toad. She saw the cars. 'Help, help!' yelled Toad. 'I am so unhappy. I cannot get across the road.'

Mouse had to stop and think. 'How will I help Toad?' she asked herself.

All of a sudden she had a good idea. She took white paint and a big red card. On one side she painted 'STOP.'

On the other side she painted 'Toad Crossing.' She went outside with the bold sign. She waved it up and down. She turned it from side to side.

The cars stopped. The trucks stopped. The bikes stopped. The motor bikes stopped. Even the bus stopped.

Toad looked to the left. He looked to the right. No wheels were moving within his sight. He walked across the road and everything was all right.

'Thank you, Mouse,' Toad gratefully said. 'No problem,' said Mouse, as the two went into the house. 'I am always happy to help a toad across the road!'

The End

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