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By Chevron (anonymous) | Posted May 10, 2013 at 11:00:00

Map out the downtown neighbourhoods with highest residential density, prioritize walkability measures/two-way conversions accordingly and the odds are you'll always be doing the most good for the most Hamiltonians.

There are 16 census tracts neighbouring Cannon to the North and South. Merging those N/S pairs into units:

Ward 2
Queen to James = 3,516 adjacent residents
James to Wellington = 5,854 adjacent residents

Ward 3
Wellington to Wentworth = 7,736 adjacent residents
Wentworth to Sherman = 7,387 adjacent residents
Sherman to Gage = 6,542 adjacent residents
Gage to Ottawa = 6,269 adjacent residents

Ward 4
Ottawa to Kenilworth = 5,097 adjacent residents
Kenilworth to Strathearne = 6,013 adjacent residents

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