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By Myrcurial(not signed in) (anonymous) | Posted May 10, 2013 at 11:21:56

Hamilton's North End was the engine of growth in the last century. The road infrastructure for high-speed / heavy traffic has been built around the city. It is time to begin returning the inner city infrastructure to the neighborhoods, the people and the future.

Near the beginning of May 2013, Mayor Bratina publicly stated that the Hamilton of the future will be built upon innovation.

Definitionally, innovation requires that we do things in a way that is different than before.

Stop placing all of our focus on moving cars around the city and start focusing on moving people around our city. People travel best by foot, cycling, transit and then personal automobiles.

Many of today's decision-makers do not see alternatives as worthy, based largely on their own self-focused opinions. It will not be long before many of those decision-makers will be unable to use personal automobiles due to age and infirmity. Of course they will be the loudest voices for alternative transportation methods.

Supporting Yes We Cannon is a tangible way to prove to the many young Hamiltonians that our civic leaders are capable of thinking about tomorrow, or at least beyond the date of the next municipal election. And when you realize that the city is already spending untold millions on public works projects centered on Cannon (stadium and high school) it is reasonable to spend a few thousand more and finish the job properly.

Ambitiously yours,

James Arlen
#HamOnt usual suspect

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