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By jason (registered) | Posted May 10, 2013 at 11:38:21 in reply to Comment 88567

this pic will help you a little:

Notice in the distance, the parking lane along the curb. Now, imagine this street before it had the bumpout with greenery. The distance to cross the street would have been much longer than it is now with bumpouts on both sides, and clearly marked crosswalks.

Locke Street has parking on both sides of the street which means it could get bumpouts at every corner. Now, crossing the street is only a 20-24 foot walk, instead of 35 feet from curb to curb. Not to mention, it's been proven that physical "pinches" like this on a road slow down traffic. Add street trees on every bumpout and suddenly Locke becomes more human-scale, safer to walk and cycle on due to slower traffic and shorter crossing distances.

Not to mention, the addition of street trees at every corner would create a wonderful canopy on a street that is currently devoid of greenery.

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