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By sylvia_nickerson (registered) - website | Posted May 28, 2013 at 19:41:01

There was a tactical urbanism intervention at Cannon and Mary street, where they painted a crosswalk at midnight. It was removed by city staff the next morning. Since then as far as I know, no one from traffic has come to talk to anyone in Beasley, or given any attention to Cannon street or pedestrian safety issues there. And might I point out that EVERY DAY a crossing guard uses a stop sign and to stop five lanes of traffic including many trucks and tractor trailers so that children can cross Cannon Street to go to Dr. Davey school. I really hope that what can happen on Locke street can happen in Beasley, because our residents who walk along Cannon street daily to walk their kids to school, or who wait on the sidewalk at this intersection to access the Good Shepard food bank, really deserve some respect.

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