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By SCRAP (anonymous) | Posted June 04, 2013 at 18:53:48

While I appreciate all the work people due on this issue, the greater population needs to wake up, rethink, re-adapt on how we all do things.

Oil and the automobile ahve been imprinted on our brains, for many years, decades and that is going to take a lot of dialogue to get people to change.

In a converstaion last week with someone who is very environmentally concerned, they talked about people they know who must travel to Oakville for work, to pay for mortgage.

However, I look at things in this way, if there were jobs in Hamilton, then they would not have to travel for work.

Even those who have the best intentions, still accept the capitalist way, looking at things like divestment, to renewable energy and change.

This will lead to the new overboss, things must change in many more ways they we can conceive, to create a clean, safe and fair system, where globally, we all co-operate and move away form a system that ahs many, many centuries of brainwashing the rest of us.

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