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By scrap (anonymous) | Posted June 04, 2013 at 21:24:42

well we must all think about what is a job, what is our contribution to the overall community. So given the retort from the poster, how is anyone to get a job, I ask this queostion, how come so many cannot get work today???"

I f you think I am uninformed.hink twice.

There are no jobs in Hamilton, perioe,given the amount of people unemployed. I do noty want to ehar for those idiots who advocate for reprots fromt ehSPTRC. who do treprot accurately.

It is sad that I live among those who are brain dead. Face thinghs ehad on, they are afraid to liose. The world is filled with those who cannot fathom losing everything'

That is coming sooner then they think, those the braindead, who think their degrees. thier paper is going to save them is laughable.

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