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By RobF (registered) | Posted June 08, 2013 at 01:00:39

As a bike user of MacNab, I'll save my celebrating until i see the results. I gather the plan doesn't include bike lanes. Right now i find it a quiet and relatively safe way to cycle up from the North End (i realize that technically this is riding the wrong way up the street, but this seems to be an accepted and common practice).

I'm not particularly excited about having to cycle right next to parked cars on my return trip northbound under the new configuration. I often have a 3-year old in a bike seat with me and i'm not particularly willing to take the chance that i might get "doored" by someone who doesn't look before getting out of their car. I hope i'm wrong about the planned configuration. I support the two-way conversions for the big one-ways, but i already find this the best route to get from Bayfront and the North End to the James North strip and the Farmer's Market/Library. My least favorite stretch of the ride is the two-way segment south of Cannon, especially as MacNab nears York Blvd. Maybe that's just me.

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