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By bikehounds (anonymous) | Posted June 10, 2013 at 18:07:59 in reply to Comment 89449

that 8 minute commute comes at a cost of an infrastructure deficit of OVER A BILLION DOLLARS - not to mention the cost in lost taxes of creating a city that fails to attract new residents and businesses. We currently budget only half of what we need to in order to maintain our roads, so every year the deficit number rises. If we budgeted the correct amount for road maintenance, taxes would increase by 40%. If we had to pay the real cost of maintaining this system, would you still love it so much? Can you afford a 40% increase in taxes (rent)? I can't...

If we could reduce that deficit through lane reduction and making the city more attractive to new residents (taxpayers) and (taxpaying) businesses, would you trade your 8 minute commute for a 12 minute one? How about a 16 minute one?

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