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By jason (registered) | Posted June 11, 2013 at 23:03:46 in reply to Comment 89479

Here are some ideas that will save tons of money in road maintenance and upkeep. Even if road lanes aren't physically removed, getting car traffic off of them will lengthen their lifespan and lower maintenance costs considerably.

Some examples of what we could do here right now in Hamilton with our abundance of unnecessary lanes:

Wider Sidewalks:

Could someone please explain why we haven't done this on the Claremont Access and Wellington Street from Mohawk College to Burlington Street?? No construction necessary. Just the barricades, paint and bollards, smaller curbs on Wellington instead of the large barricades so driveway access points can remain.

Rest of the NYC tour:

Think of how much money these ideas would save the city annually if implemented city wide? Half of Cannon, half of Wilson, half of Wellington, half of Victoria, half of the Claremont etc.... could be free of car, truck and bus traffic and see dramatically lower upkeep costs.

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