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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted June 13, 2013 at 17:10:43 in reply to Comment 89531

Too abstract-grand in my wording. Should have been more specific. Really just meant that if we're trying to close gaps in our community, it might be helpful to not just amass toys in the southwest, but to spread the wealth.

East-west pedestrianization/bike corridors suggested elsewhere (Dunsmure, Cannon) would enhance quality of life in areas that have been neglected or written off by politicians, planners and most of the public for generations. I don't intend for a moment to suggest that complete streets will erase income gaps and confer miracles upon the neighbourhoods they touch. Just that if you make it easier for people to move around safely in something resembling a healthy, holistic neighbourhood, they might do so.

Maybe I'm still muddied. And any/all of this might be naive. But I can't shake the sense that if we believe that complete streets are transformative investments, would we not want them to be implemented in ways that do the most good?

If the momentum dies, my preference would be for the legacy to be some sort of connectivity that humanizes a hard cityscape rather than further prettifies a quiet, moneyed, well-treed neighbourhood.

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