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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted June 14, 2013 at 08:22:57 in reply to Comment 89536

No disrespect intended. I was referring to the post-amalgamation city. Although it's relative to where you're standing, I don't think of Ainslie Wood/Westdale as Southwest, but merely west. Ancaster/Dundas I would say is southwest... and yes, I certainly concede that there is socioeconomic want within Wards 12 & 13. I specifically mentioned "Code Red neighbourhoods" because it was a reasonably quantifiable measure of where the greatest disparity exists (or, more accurately, where the greatest disparity existed at the time of the census used in the study).

I've never suggested that any neighbourhood in the city is undeserving of "complete streets," by the way, just that if we're only going to wind up completing two or three conversions (as history suggests is possible), it would be nice if we made the greatest impact possible. In terms of evidence-driven policy, Code Red is a widely acknowledged data set. (And yes, there are privileged residents of Code Red census tracts.)

It would be better if there was more fresh, progressive blood on council, but while ward representation is important, council math is everything. Three councillors are only a minority voice until such time as they bring another five or six along for the ride.

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