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By In My Travels (anonymous) | Posted June 20, 2013 at 18:41:00

Sean (Bike Hounds) has fixed my fixed gear bike many times and kept me rolling. His building on Jon is an example of brilliant adaptive reuse of an old storefront being used as a bike shop. I don't want to assume about his finances, but I am guessing he isn't an eccentric millionaire who owns this building as some vanity project (not that anything is wrong with that Jeff Feswick, but I will guess he is doing it out of belief in his city. I've met the architect David Premi who was in the Gore buildings as the last tenant. On his way out he said he would be very shocked if any of the buildings fell. (What does he know that we don't?) I also met a fellow named Tim, or Tom, at the bike shop who told me that he was looking to move a backpackers hostel into the building beside the bike shop. I wonder whatever became of his dream. Maybe someone knows if they will be moving in there soon. Bike shops, cafes, backpackers, Indian restaurants, etc need old buildings to survive and thrive. Jane Jacobs wrote once: "New ideas need to come out of old buildings."

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