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By Gore Fountain Bather (anonymous) | Posted June 25, 2013 at 23:58:30

Dave Blanchard continues to destroy our Downtown. I can only imagine what this strip of buildings could have been had he taken pride. How naive of an organization Wilson-Blanchard must be. Prime heritage real estate in the heart of the city. Desirable buildings. These properties are in usable/repairable condition. All of them qualifying for the cities Gore Park Incentive Grant Program. Blanchard could receive a $50,000 matching grant from the City for any interior or exterior work done to the buildings. Free money? Where else does this happen?

Out of sight, out of mind. With the buildings demolished, Blanchard can take comfort. A fresh slate, a clean diaper. He will no longer have to think about years of lost rental profits on these properties while he stood by and soiled the sheets. But wait, "maybe we'll save a couple of the facades". Thanks guys, theres nothing quite like sticking the head of a pig on a pike for all to see when the roast has concluded.

Saving the facades in memoriam should not be a trade-off for allowing demolition. The value is IN the building, how the space feels when you are inside, how it sounds, the interaction with the street scape. It is very discouraging to know that one of the City's "leading" architecture firms were even housed in one of the buildings, and have assisted Blanchard with renewal concepts. In a perfect city, an architect advocates for the preservation of the works of those who have come before, at all costs. To ponder demolishing ones own office must be absurd. Is it still an achievement if you have to destroy another's to create it?

I find it very disturbing that Blanchard can be so reckless with our history, and that our council will allow it. The buildings have stood the test of time. Blanchard will be gone soon. His lack of ownership should be a punishable offence, as it has punished the Gore district to near extinction. At the turn of a renewing era, he is back to kick Hamilton where it counts. But please, no explanation of how Blanchard has been a valued Heritage advocate for this city. His most noted properties on three corners at Main and James, sit in silent decay, collecting pigeon droppings, awaiting responsible ownership.

Mr. Blanchard please sell these buildings. There are people who will buy them and use them. Then leave town. Regards

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