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By jason (registered) | Posted June 28, 2013 at 08:38:40 in reply to Comment 89795

I agree re:Wilson. And this is why we need to take a closer look before just converting streets to two-way. Portland and Montreal have cycling advocates asking for conversions TO one-way in order to make more room for protected 2-way bike lanes. The protected lanes installed on a two-way street in Montreal are the narrowest and most complained about by cyclists. Now, Wilson has such light volumes I've thought that we should do your idea but leave it 2-way with NO turning lanes. I'm tired of this city's obsession with turning lanes. This isn't Ancaster. As you've said north lane can be two way cycle path, then 1 WB lane, 1 EB lane then curb parking. And IF the odd signalized intersection is busy enough to warrant a left turn lane we can create it by veering the eastbound travel lane towards the curb in place of parking at those intersections. Only ones I can see being needed are Victoria, Sanford and Sherman.

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