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By Okay, I'll bite... (anonymous) | Posted June 29, 2013 at 01:57:09 in reply to Comment 89833

I won't make the argument but I will point out the obvious... both the QEW and Linc loop routes suggested as alternatives are significantly greater distances than the status quo King or Main routes --- so much so that a vehicle would have to get twice the mpg on the highway as in city conditions to use less fuel and produce less smog than using the highway routes from Eastgate to Mac.
That said, there's still ample reason to turn our inner-city expressways into complete people friendly two way streets... more livable streets would promote more people living in the core, enable more businesses to locate there, and make non-polluting modes of transportation more feasible for more residents on a daily basis. Then, the amount of time to get out of or across town will not matter as much.

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