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By jason (registered) | Posted July 03, 2013 at 10:09:24 in reply to Comment 89888

thank you for making this point. I used to think that we were blessed to not have faced the same near-collapse as Buffalo (and in theory I do believe it is a blessing to not have our city fall apart). But now I can't help but wonder if seeing our local economy completely decimated might be the only way to snap us out of the status quo. That, and amalgamation. I agree in principle with the concept, efficiencies and large-scale planning afforded by amalgamation, but I said in the late 90's that it would simply become a huge wall blocking any hopes of true urban revitalization in the old city. And here in 2013, that sentiment is proving 100% accurate. Whether it's LRT, or downtown complete streets, the suburban councillors block every initiative to invest in our poorest, oldest neighbourhoods. But they darn make sure that they get their freeways (suburban equivalent to LRT) and complete streets.

Unless the next generation of staff and council can come from folks not related to the current crop, we're probably stuck.

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