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By DowntownAdvocate (registered) | Posted July 03, 2013 at 12:11:18

Just out of curiosity GoreFountainBather, if the value is IN the buildings, when was the last time you were IN these buildings? Of course, a historic building should be preserved where possible, but it has been written in previous articles that these buildings were previously modified (prior to this ownership) which destroyed the interior heritage aspect of these buildings. As for the mere $50,000 grant for restoring, how far would that go in a project this size? I think you underestimate the cost involved otherwise the city would have jumped in long ago. These buildings don't just need a lick of paint and some new wiring. As for the "feel" of the space inside and how it interacts with the streetscape, how does any space feel that is extremely long and narrow since these are all separate spaces with not much natural light? In my opinion these buildings are beyond any kind of rejuvenation/ renovation but hopefully the developer can keep or recreate the facades to keep the same exterior feel of this streetscape. No one wants to see a "hole" in the downtown core but after doing my own projects I can understand that working with the city for approvals takes time, sometimes years for a plan to be approved.

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