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By Gored (anonymous) | Posted July 03, 2013 at 14:21:37 in reply to Comment 89896

Excuses excuses. Lots of old, narrow, long, etc. buildings downtown have been restored by people with a lot less resources than Blanchard and are profitable. What makes the Gore buildings heritage buildings isn't some pristine state of never being altered, they've grown and changed and evolved as part of their environment. They're heritage buildings because they're part of the fabric of the Gore with a long history of being important to the community and changing as needs change. They could easily change again and stay important, keeping the historical link while fitting into a modern downtown, just like lots of other buildings just as old, just as narrow, just as run down, just as (insert excuse here). All that's missing is an owner who CARES about their heritage value. Instead we'll end up with an empty hole for however many years, and then MAYBE a bland box like every other bland box in the world. People want to live in downtowns because they are REAL PLACES with their own distinctive qualities. Old buildings are part of what distinct quality - the more they've been altered over the years the MORE important they are because they've evolved in a way that is unique. Make no mistake, I mostly blame the city here, the developer is just doing what makes sense in a city that doesn't care about heritage and won't help him do the right thing. But let's not pretend it's a good idea or that there are no good alternatives.

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