Comment 90395

By Gored (anonymous) | Posted July 23, 2013 at 14:49:11 in reply to Comment 90394

Please stop moving the goalposts. You not thinking a building is beautiful is no reason to knock it down. Demolition of old buildings is so harmful and wasteful that the burden of proof should be high for people who want to demolish. Which is why we have a heritage law.

And there's no reason to think the structures are unstable, if the engineering report said they were unstable don't you think Blanchard and co. would be hooting that horn? But they're not. They keep changing their story and doing stuff after agreeing to not do it, they haven't given us much reason to trust them. Your link just says they'd have to prop up the facade if they removed the rest of the building, well DUH. The point is DON'T remove the rest of the building.

As for scaring away $120 million, you're the one using scare tactics around here. There is no $120 million. There is no plan. There is no funding. There is no tenant. There's nothing to scare away. And until there is, there's no reason to kick out the tenants and knock down the buildings. Unless the developer's real goal is just a bigger flat gravel lot, something Blanchard seems good at making.

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