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Strong industry partners!

"The transition of the Ruhr area to a cultural and event centre has not always taken place without criticism. Preservationists, for example, have objected that the failure to retain the mechanical equipment of the converted former coal washing plant for the exhibition site for design and architecture “Entry2006” and the addition of a gigantic 58 metres long escalator – the biggest of its kind in all Europe – strongly affects the impression made by the entire grounds. For UNESCO, however, this was no reason to revoke the world heritage status that it bestowed five years ago on the Zeche and Kokerei Zollverein. For the commission, the industrial complex remains 'a representative example of the development of heavy industry in Europe' and 'the Bauhaus influenced architecture, which was for decades exemplary for modern industrial construction', of 'exceptional value'.... In mid-October 2010, RAG Montan Immobilien and the Zollverein Foundation announced their intention of investing in the next few years approximately 200 million euros in the Zeche Zollverein. To begin with, 40 million euros will flow into a new building and the repair of the existing listed buildings and grounds."

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