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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted July 26, 2013 at 08:18:58


Committee chair Bob Bratina said he is pleased with the report, but that some of the key recommendations on homelessness, street people and panhandlers still need much more discussion.

"We haven't finished our work because we still want to meet with social services and discuss matters raised with regard to those agencies."

Bratina hopes to bring the report forward to council by the end of February.

Some key recommendations:

Physical environment

* Develop a more proactive property standards enforcement program.

* Aggressively enforce downtown property standards.

* Police and property standards inspectors should respond quickly to complaints.

* Make James Street North a priority for complaints about bars for three months.

* Update property standards rules to include "perception" issues such as replacing broken windows with windows, not boarding them up.

* Identify shoddy facades and encourage owners to use money from available programs to fix them.

* More garbage cans in high litter areas.

* Hire street youth and homeless people to clean streets similar to program in Victoria, B.C.

* Get businesses to wash down their sidewalk twice a day and clean windows.

* Speed up replacement of broken street lights.

* Continue lighting alleys, especially in James Street North neighbourhoods.

* Trim more trees to increase lighting.

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