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By Southpaw77 (anonymous) | Posted July 30, 2013 at 20:20:19

Mr Blanchard does not seem to grasp the reality of the situation. For anchor tenants he lists a grocery store. Didn't one just open recently in Jackson Square?. I've been there. Lets hope no one is stupid enough to put another one in the same vicinity so the two compete and drive each other out of business.
The other tenant he desires is Wally Mart. A grocery store in department store clothing. The Wal-Mart business model up until recently is bigger and bigger with loads of parking. Perhaps Mr. Blanchard razed all those other properties so he could have the parking. However a Building large enough to encompass the square footage requirements for this type of tenant would require almost the whole block, are there future buildings to be razed we do not know of?

I am no urban planning expert but the City of Hamilton needs one. The decision to put the entrance to the Courthouse facing Main street instead of King was just wrong. With the buses moved to the MacNab Street alleyway the area transformed into a pedestrian gathering place. The Burrito Boys would become so busy they could afford to comply with a inane by law.
The area of Gore park needs to become a mix of pedestrian friendly shops. The core is expanding its residential base. Any shops, stores and services will need to be catered to people on foot instead of cars. Ever try and carry a weeks worth of shopping home by walking. These places will be visited on a regular basis by people in the central area, now and in the not too distant future.

Hire an expert, have an open competition, do anything but let a misguided idea ruin a great opportunity.


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