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By movedtohamilton (registered) | Posted August 05, 2013 at 21:21:28

I'm fairly new to Hamilton (1 year last week), and am still mystified by the number of scooters on the sidewalks. Being a curious person, I have asked countless people a simple two-part question:"what's the chain of events that ends with someone using a scooter?" and "who is paying?" Given that scooters (and other devices like "walkers") are ubiquitous in Hamilton, this seemed like a entirely reasonable question.

To date, no one has been able to answer. No one. So I am left with the conclusion that this is a question no one dares to ask or answer, or no one has an answer.

From my observations day-in day-out, there are people in obvious need of a mobility device like a scooter, and others who are gaming the system.

What say you?

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