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By Connie (registered) | Posted August 10, 2013 at 10:29:00

"Is this a good heritage outcome? No. The Gore area should have been designated as a Conservation District many years ago. A look back reveals how many City Councils (not just this City Council) had information on the importance of the Gore, yet did not act."

Ah ... but it is THIS CITY COUNCIL that's tearing the buildings down and going to go into an election next year with 6 EMPTY HOLES facing Gore Park where valuable heritage buildings now stand. And it will be THIS CITY COUNCIL that pays the price at the polls.

FARR and MCHATTIE are playing word games with "heritage" to allow the developer to SCAM some taxpayer money to tear the buildings down.

COLLINS CLARK FERGUSON PEARSON and PARTRIDGE refused to designate the buildings, and bear full responsibility for the destruction.

And will these fools finally be satisfied when the whole downtown looks like a mountain plaza? Like the new and horribly pedestrian unfriendly "Centre" with their blank backsides of buildings facing the street?

Hamilton: Acres of ugly topped with stupid, where City Council really knows how to kill the buzz they couldn't create!

The facts: Adaptive reuse of old buildings by small businesses has created a vibrant downtown community. There's a demand for small venues in older buildings in the core, but not for large developments.

City Council: GREAT! Let's capitalize on that! We'll knock down some heritage buildings and BUILD A BIG TARGET STORE ... OR "WHATEVER" !

Words are not enough when intelligence is absent. Obviously direct action will be necessary.


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