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By Miss (anonymous) | Posted August 15, 2013 at 14:18:24 in reply to Comment 90943

My apologies, I misread thinking there would be one bike lane along both the North and South side of Cannon to allow for the traffic to go both ways. Clearly I need to have more coffee before I respond to articles...

I'm still nervous to think of what it would look like to see cyclists going against traffic if the bike lanes were 2 way along a 1 way, but it could work. I'm always so nervous for cyclists when I drive because of the lack of bike lanes, so I think having them would be a HUGE improvement! Who knows, maybe I would feel differently about cycling to work. Right now it's just too nerve racking of an idea. The only gripe I ever have about cyclists is when they think the rules of the road (stop signs, traffic lights, etc) don't apply to them. But that's a whole different issue and more common in West Hamilton anyways.

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