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By Used To Be STP (anonymous) | Posted August 19, 2013 at 20:12:43

Here's a true story for ya, Fenton.

Years and years ago - in fact, a couple of decades ago - I encountered the UPNFPU late one night in the company of one of those teenage friends who is on a fast-track to juvie and likely to take a buddy or two with him.

We were not, shall we say, entirely in our right minds. I'd tell ya more, but Obama's reading my emails.

So we encounter the UPNFPU. Although it is not for public use, it's a beautiful field in the middle of the city and just fine for two addled young kids to amble through. So we amble, and giggle, and amble a little more, and we find ourselves hanging out on top of a concrete pad of some kind, about 10 feet by 10 feet, that is pleasantly covered in that kind of springy synthetic coating you sometimes see on playgrounds.

It's comfy. So we're just chilling out on it.

But then we notice the handle. There it is, a steel handle, embedded in the squishy surface of this pad.

So my buddy reaches over and gives it a good pull.

And whaddyaknow, a trap door opens right up. Our reaction is basically one of, "holy shit!"

We peer into it. Sure enough, there's a ladder. It goes straight down into a pitch-black tunnel of uncertain depth.

"Let's go down there," said my friend, all courage and no wisdom. Me, well, I disagreed with the caution that kept me out of juvenile detention and, for that matter, out of suffocating on the fumes of some underground sewer or electrocuted by the automated defense systems of some clandestine nuclear weapons facility buried deep below the peaceful green fields of Hamilton's urban core.

Whether or not we ventured down there is something I'll leave to your imagination. But the fact I'm here, writing this comment, might give you just a tiny clue.

What I am sure of, though, is that I think you just found the subject of your next photo essay.

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