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By Gord (anonymous) | Posted August 22, 2013 at 08:49:15

You don't want vehicles stopping too much. Idling vehicles emit more unburned hydrocarbons - and the bulk of Cannon St. addresses are residential, family homes.

The streetlights are timed so there is assuredly a break in the traffic that permits pedestrian street crossing. In regards to pedestrian rights and a driver's legal responsibility to permit pedestrians the right of way, as a pedestrian I find it safer and more prudent to cede the right of way to the 1 ton chunk of steel traveling at 50km/h, and wait patiently for my opportunity to cross the street safely.

In any case, I agree that Cannon St. is a terrible design. The sidewalks are too narrow to cut metered parking into the street for the small businesses that do reside there (the ones still open). You could make it two way but then you'd be clogging an artery and there would be even less opportunity of stopping to support the businesses. I don't know.

If I am to make one point - look both ways before crossing. Never assume a driver sees you or knows what you're doing, and never assume you know what the driver is doing.

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