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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted August 22, 2013 at 10:46:55 in reply to Comment 91197

I think you are misinterpreting his point. If the pedestrian signals an intent to cross, cars must stop and let him cross, you are right. However, if there are big gaps between cars then what need is there for pedestrians to signal their intent to cross? If its a matter of waiting for 5 seconds until there is a gap in traffic, its unreasonable to expect cars to stop.

The reason we have these laws is because on a properly designed complete street it would at times be necessary for cars to yield the right of way in order for pedestrians to cross - and indeed, on a well designed street such as James St. North or Locke Street, it seems only natural to stop for pedestrians. The primary issue here is not one of enforcing that cars stop for pedestrians, but of designing streets so that it makes sense for them to stop. On a four-lane one way road its not better to stop for a pedestrian than to drive past them, because there is no guarantee that other motorists will follow suit. IMO the problem is primarily road design.

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