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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted August 22, 2013 at 20:27:49 in reply to Comment 91196

Burlington, Main and King, I agree. Cannon, no.

Burlington is a no brainer. It's in an industrial area, and it's frequent bridges and overpasses do not make it conducive to being a residential street.

Main and King, have a better case, but they are natural extension of highway 8, the only respectably fast arterial vein through the city, that crosses several commercial areas, starting with the University and Westdale that is a chain restaurant street, then encompassing Dundurn Plaza, various drive thrus and small commercial developments, the core proper, the Stadium, various restaurants & small businesses around Wellington/Wentworth which dots until the the stadium region and the Delta which is park and commerce, the Commercial area along Kenilworth which continues as it turns into Queenston and doesn't stop until it hits Hwy 8. King after the Delta runs into some brief housing before hitting Rosedale Plaza and some development on Centennial parkway before ending with housing and turning into Queenston and Highway 8.

Cannon however boasts swaths of low density housing with the occasional business. It should be converted.

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