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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted August 27, 2013 at 00:01:55 in reply to Comment 91412

It does and it doesn't. The tunnel at Hunter and McNab is exclusively a pedestrian path. However, given that the sidewalk ends on the tunnel side (and really should to discourage access to the rail tunnel) preventing you from walking west, and it's likely people will cross McNab to reach Jackson Square/The Transit terminal it makes sense. Also given the weight that the Durand neighbourhood assoc. has, it's not surprising.

Hunter and Park, you typically aren't crossing Hunter to get to the city hall parking lot. The crossing lights at Bay are also not a huge distance if you are heading to main and if you are going east, you are already being funnelled that was via the far safer Hurst Place and then the MacNab tunnel.

Canon needs a much larger overhaul then one crossing at Mary and Canon, and that's hopefully likely to occur next year to time it with the stadium being up, the next participatory budget and Farr's current proposals.

The Charlton and Wentworth one surprises me though. That blind corner people whip around is deadly. However Corktown doesn't have the same amount of clout as Beasley and Durand and might be thinking we can pass the buck to Ward 3 on that one.

Another proposal I wanted to see was a pedestrian tunnel from Corktown Park to West Ave to link it with Carter Park instead of having people cut through the chain link fence and cross the rail lines. Also better lighting between Corktown Park and Stinson along the rail trail.

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