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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted August 28, 2013 at 18:38:57 in reply to Comment 91226

I don't think its a matter of what color the signs are. Drivers routinely ignore actual speed limit signs although they are always white with black text - they do it because it feels natural. On a smooth, straight, recently paved freeway with little to no traffic, it feels natural to drive over 120km/hr, even if the posted, 'air-patrolled' limit is 100, because the road is designed to allow it. Likewise on a 4-lane one-way roadway like Cannon, which is overbuilt for the amount of traffic and is pretty straight, it feels like the posted speed limit is actually the minium.

There is nothing special about Hamiltonians in the way they are able to read signs or how quickly they adapt to road conditions. Drivers will respond to real signals like how wide the road is, how many lanes there are, what they are driving past (i.e. busy sidewalks, parked cars). They don't respond to changing signage in a significant way because signs are not significant changes to a road.

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