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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted July 18, 2007 at 10:57:39

Yeah, the Meadowlands are a complete community alright, what with the never ending single family houses, the Golf Links highway and the hunk of oversized warehouses so big it needs its own road and you couldn't walk to the store if your life depended on it - and it might just if you try!

Know why there aren't any 'undesirable' poor or mentally ill people in Ancaster? Because there's no where for them to live. They're in "old Hamilton" (sounds like Rumsfeld talking about "old Europe") so you don't have to look at them.

You benefit from the social services in Hamilton just as much as the people who live there, and its only fair that you help pay. That's why Mike Harris amalgamated Hamilton in the first place, so the combined city could afford to take social service costs after the Tories downloaded them.

Gee, who voted for the Tories? The people in "old Hamilton" or the people in Ancaster? You made your bed and we all have to sleep in it.

"What a dream it would be to undo amalgamation and quit funneling money to our ugly sister."

Yeah, sure, except that, oops, THE CITY LOSES MONEY EVERY TIME IT BUILDS A HOUSE IN THE SUBURBS. Sorry for yelling, but if any funneling is going on, it's money drained out of city coffers to pay for sprawl while 75 year old water mains flood people's basements in streets long since paid for by property taxes.

Hey, I'm with you on de amalgamation. Just upload social services back to the province where they belong, let the city of Hamilton be governed by people who actually LIKE the city of Hamilton, and let Ancaster sprawl itself into oblivion if it wants.

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