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By Sean Marshall (anonymous) | Posted September 04, 2013 at 12:20:30

I like to bike to Hamilton from my home in Toronto on occasion - my route is a mix of the Waterfront Trail and Lakeshore Road through Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and across Hamilton Beach. The bridge connecting Burlington Beach/Centennial Park over the QEW and Red Hill Creek to Brampton Street and the Red Hill Creek trail is a great piece of infrastructure.

Then I head in town as I like to go to one of the pubs on Augusta Street before putting my bike on the GO bus at the Hunter Street Station and head home. My route is Brampton to Woodward (it's annoying having to get over the curb to press the button and then get back in the left lane to turn, though), then through the park to Britannia (with the jog at Parkdale) which takes me to Cannon Street.

By the time I reach Cannon Street, it's the late afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday, and traffic isn't bad at all; four lanes one-way is definitely overkill, especially with King Street so close. Still, it's a bit scary, and I'm used to cycling all over Toronto. I'm most concerned when I'm trying to swing over to the left to turn onto Ferguson to head south towards Augusta Street and the GO Centre.

Cannon Street is simply a no-brainer for a two-way separated bike track, especially with the new stadium directly on the route. And it logically hooks up with Britannia, a logical low-traffic two-way road that provides a route to Centennial Park (maybe improve the connection with Woodward and Brampton while at it).

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