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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted September 04, 2013 at 17:29:34 in reply to Comment 91700

I'm not either, but this is the only solution Hamilton's Traffic Department will accept for a full crosswalk, and this is the price they quoted.

The "stop for pedestrians sign" would be great except that Hamilton does not yet have any of these crossings and I don't think piloting this idea on a crossing used by seniors and small children to get to programmes at the YWCA on a fast low visibility street near Central Public School is the right way to start. And that new crosswalk solution would need be accompanied by a big publicity and police enforcement (e.g. pedestrian decoy) campaign to remind motorists that they must yield to crossing pedestrians. Not to mention the fact that the City still refuses to put signage associated with the zebra crossing where there is no stop sign or traffic light.

As with the Aberdeen at Kent pedestrian traffic light (which also cost $125k), we need to provide safe crossings at some priority intersections now, even if the longer term goal is to have a much cheaper solution. The existing signs-and-painted lines crosswalk was removed on Hunter at McNab over ten years ago and we shouldn't have to wait any longer for a safe crossing (especially as there is a pedestrian underpass there).

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