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By Keith (anonymous) | Posted September 05, 2013 at 12:00:17

One thing I'm still confused about is cyclist light phasing and safety.

In the one-way version, a cyclist going in flow of traffic/westbound would be at a higher risk of being by a left turning vehicle since they would be approaching from the driver's back left corner and potentially their blind spot. This is incredibly unsafe. The three ways to resolve it would be either:

1) Inconvenience cyclists and have a specific phase where only cyclists can move through the lights, something that would make it slow to travel through.

2) Inconvenience motorists and only allow left-turns during the beginning/end of each phase which would effectively reduce the one-way throughput of street to one lane, which based on the traffic counts RTH published, would push it near/over vehicle lane capacity. It could be mitigated by restricting parking during peak periods, but then you're creating a hostile pedestrian environment on that side of the road and ticking off business/downtown home owners.

3) Completely restrict left-turns on the street which would make navigating the city even more confusing since Cannon would effectively become a "limited-access" highway.

In the two-way version, the same issues apply though it would require parking to at lease be removed near the intersections in order to enable

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